Making a Sound Decision on Your Wedding Budget!

The current Puget Sound average budget for a wedding and reception is more than $28,000. The graphs below illustrate where most wedding costs are generated. As you can see, the Disc Jockey category only accounts for 8% of the total budget but accounts for more than 75% of the responsibility towards the overall success or failure of your wedding reception!

The average wedding budget may only allot 8% of the total money for DJ entertainment. Thus, taking a chance on a non-professional DJ could result in serious problems at your wedding reception.



A professional DJ will be at your reception longer and have more responsibilities than any of the other vendors you will hire. He is the person who will create an atmosphere that will make your guests want to stay the whole evening.

Spreading the cost of your reception over the number of guests, you are probably spending $60 to $100 per person. Every time a guest leaves your reception due to poor DJ entertainment, you are actually losing a significant amount of money!


The DJ Entertainer you select is the most important vendor part of your reception.

Some couples may end up paying more for the Vegetable Tray or Cake Cutting than they paid for their DJ entertainment and then wonder why many of their guests leave before the party is over. Chances are, your guests may not remember the food, the flowers, the wine, or even see all the pictures; however, your guests will remember the fantastic (or poor) time they had dancing or listening to the music.

Your Disc Jockey is the one person who can make or break your wedding reception. Take as much time and effort in selecting your DJ as you did in selecting your wedding dress or photographer. Your DJ will have only one chance to do your reception right. There are no second opportunities to do it over again.

A quality professional will actually SAVE YOU MONEY!




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