Welcome to what hopefully will be the most fun, elegant and memorable party of your life. Weddings and wedding receptions make up about 80% of our business, and we have been recognized as the best wedding DJs in Seattle.

We offer all potential clients the opportunity to meet with one of us for a complimentary consultation which last about an hour. We will come to you and meet you in your home or at a neighborhood coffee shop, wherever you are the most comfortable. During this time, we will try to get to know each other and see if we are a good fit. After all, your DJ is going to be representing you at your wedding and you will want to make sure that their ideas, philosophies and overall makeup matches you and your family.

We have been DJing in Western Washington for over 15 years, and about 9 years ago, we introduced a new concept in DJing weddings to the area. It used to be that if you were lucky, you got to talk to your DJ a week or two before your event on the phone and during that call, you planned your wedding reception and told the DJ what you wanted and didn’t want him to do and say. Then on the day of your wedding, you asked a friend or an Aunt to be your “coordinator” for the day, and they told the DJ when to make what announcement and when to do what event. This system could work ok, except that there was a lot of room for miscommunication, your friend or relative had to work on your wedding day and sometimes the DJ had their own way of doing things. What we do now is meet with you a number of times to plan and understand your vision for your day. As a matter of fact, we put more time into your event planning and preparing in advance then we do on your wedding day!

When your special day comes, let us show you and your guests a fun, exciting, elegant and romantic reception.

Call or email us anytime to schedule an in person consultation with Greg Lowder, our owner and Wedding Director.





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