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I’m Greg Lowder, an experienced Seattle DJ and Master of Ceremonies. Whether you’re hosting a Wedding, Birthday Party or a High-Stakes Corporate Event you can count on me for impeccable planning and seamless entertainment. With more than 20 years of experience, I know everything it takes to make your party upbeat, memorable, and unique.

I started this company partially with money my Grandpa Lowder gave me that he had saved from recycling cans and bottles. Everyone called him the Can Man and he was the greatest storyteller that I have ever heard! Every Wedding, Corporate Party or School Dance I do is a story to be told through the music I play and the words I say and I try to honor him through what I do.

You might be thinking, but Greg you are the DJ you just play music. Nope, there can be SO much more. So how do I tell your story? I listen, I ask questions, I ask “Why?” We talk about what you want to do at your party that is unique to you, what you don’t want to do, what you are tired of seeing and doing. Then I go away, put it all together and tell you my ideas and we collaborate to make your event truly an Affair to Remember.

I am not great at writing about myself, so I thought I would ask some past clients and colleagues “What do you think is exceptional about me?” Here is what these very nice folks said:

You are genuinely kind and interested in everyone you talk to. You help people feel comfortable and welcome in social situations which is a true gift as so many of us struggle with feeling socially anxious and awkward.

Your smile. Your personality makes it so it is very easy to communicate with you. You go above and beyond. I cannot tell you how many people talk about our wedding because of you. You listened to us and what we wanted and in return, you made our day perfect. You kept the flow going. You also give great advice and suggestions. You know what works and what doesn’t work and you aren’t afraid to share those ideas with your clients which I think is huge.

From a personality standpoint, I think you are pretty even-keeled/unflappable, which is something that can surely help you getting along at events. You are committed to your couples, but also to your industry. I know one person who refers to you as the Godfather of the good DJs in the area

You are genuine, and an engaging conversationalist! I always enjoy talking with you!

You listen to your clients (and probably others). Both to what they are saying and what they are not saying, so to can hear their concerns even if they aren’t saying them out loud.

You are great at putting people at ease — whether one on one or when DJing for a crowd.

In my humble opinion, what i find truly exceptional about you is the breadth of knowledge & passion you hold for your industry. I’ve yet to meet another who so effortlessly holds their finger on the pulse of the event world and speaks to it with such love and passion. You truly love what you do and it shows.

If I’m hiring you to MC an event, I want to know that you’re highly experienced; really good at what you do; know your music and can dial it down or pack a dance floor; are personable and engaging; reliable; professional; and good to work with. You tick all those boxes.

You give good hugs. And you are the definition of a loyal friend. And you and your daughter are a world class bubble gum blowing dynasty.

You listen well and always have a positive attitude. You make people feel at ease.

You are very positive, kind, helpful and make the person you are talking to feel heard. You really listen and engage when you are with that person. All and all one of the most genuine people I know.

You genuinely get to know the people you are working with and you listen to what they want to feel and experience at their event the you deliver it beautifully. And you are just an awesome person!

Wowza! Very humbling and I am not even related to any of them.
When you’re ready to start collaborating, let’s set up your free consultation online, on the phone or perhaps someday at a local coffee shop. I’ll listen carefully to your goals and give you all the information you need to choose the right DJ. Then, if we decide we are a good fit, we’ll set up another convenient time to dive into all the details of your event planning.

What kind of ambiance would you like to create? What emotions do you want your guests to feel? What special announcements and introductions can make your party unfold without a hitch? I’ll focus on making you the perfect host while I deliver high-quality DJ entertainment that will have your friends saying “Boy, do you know how to throw a party!”

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